How Much is an Nba 10 Day Contract

An NBA 10-day contract is a standard contract used in the National Basketball Association (NBA). It allows a team to sign a player to a short-term deal, typically lasting ten days. After those ten days are up, the team can either release the player or sign them to another 10-day contract.

If they choose to do the latter, they can continue doing so for up to three total contracts (30 days) before having to decide whether to sign the player for the rest of the season or let them go. The minimum salary for an NBA player on a 10-day contract is $50,000, which prorates to about $5,555 per day. However, most players who are signed to 10-day contracts make significantly more than that; the average salary for a 10-day contract player in 2016 was just over $100,000.

In order to be eligible for a 10-day contract, a player must not have been on an NBA roster at any point during that season; they also cannot have been under contact with any other professional basketball team within the previous year.

An NBA 10-day contract is a short-term deal that allows players to sign with an NBA team for 10 days. This type of contract is typically used to fill holes in a team’s roster due to injuries or other unforeseen circumstances. Players on 10-day contracts are paid a pro-rated portion of the league minimum salary, which works out to about $110,000 for the 2020-21 season.

While an NBA 10-day contract may not seem like much, it can actually be a life-changing opportunity for players looking to make it in the league. For many players, signing even a short-term deal with an NBA team is a dream come true. It gives them a chance to show what they can do at the highest level and potentially earn a long-term contract down the road.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to an NBA 10-day contract. Players could find themselves waived after just 10 days if they don’t perform up to expectations. However, even getting that brief taste of NBA action is something that many players would jump at given the chance.

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How Much is an Nba 10 Day Contract

An NBA 10-day contract is a short-term deal signed by players who are looking to make it in the league. The contracts are usually worth around $50,000, and they give players a chance to show what they can do on the court. If a team likes what they see, they can sign the player to a longer contract.

If not, the player is released and can try to catch on with another team.

What are the Benefits of Signing a 10-Day Contract

There are a few benefits of signing a 10-day contract as opposed to a standard NBA contract. The first is that it allows players to showcase their skills for all 30 NBA teams in just 10 days. This can be beneficial for players who are on the fringe of making an NBA roster or those trying to make a comeback after being out of the league for awhile.

It also gives these players an opportunity to earn a higher salary if they perform well during their 10 days and are then signed to a standard NBA contract. Finally, signing a 10-day contract does not commit a team to anything long-term, so they can cut ties with a player at any time if they’re not happy with his performance or he doesn’t fit into their plans.

What are the Risks Associated With Signing a 10-Day Contract

As an NBA player, signing a 10-day contract comes with certain risks. The biggest risk is that the player may not be able to secure a spot on the team’s roster for the remainder of the season. If this happens, the player will likely be released and will have to sign another 10-day contract with another team or go back to playing in the G League.

There is also a financial risk associated with signing a 10-day contract. Players only get paid for the days they are under contract, so if a player is signed to a 10-day contract and then gets released, they will only receive payment for those 10 days.


An NBA 10-day contract is a short-term deal that allows an NBA team to sign a player to a temporary contract. The contract is for 10 days, and the team can then either release the player or sign them to a standard NBA contract. These contracts are often used for players who are trying to make an NBA roster, and they provide an opportunity for both the team and the player to assess their fit.

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