Who is the Slowest Nfl Player

In the world of professional football, speed is often seen as one of the most important factors in determining success on the field. However, there are some players who have been able to find success despite being among the slowest in the NFL. Who is the slowest player in the NFL?

That distinction goes to offensive lineman Michael Oher, who was clocked at 5.48 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine. Despite his lack of speed, Oher has been a successful player in the NFL, starting all 16 games for the Carolina Panthers last season.

While Oher may be the slowest player in terms of raw speed, there are other players who are slower when factoring in their size and weight.

Among these players is nose tackle Terrance Knighton, who weighs over 330 pounds. Knighton was timed at 5.31 seconds in the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day back in 2009, but he has still managed to carve out a successful career in spite of his lack of speed.

Who is the slowest NFL player? This is a question that many football fans have been asking lately. There are a few players who could lay claim to this title, but there is one clear front runner.

That player is Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

At 6’5″ and 230 pounds, Jackson is not a small man. However, he lacks the speed and quickness that most NFL wide receivers possess.

This was evident in the 40 yard dash time he posted at the 2005 NFL Scouting Combine. His time of 4.68 seconds was the slowest among all wide receivers in attendance.

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Despite his lack of speed, Jackson has still managed to have a successful NFL career.

He has accrued over 9,000 receiving yards and 60 touchdown catches since being drafted in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He has also been selected to two Pro Bowls (2009 and 2011).

So, while Vincent Jackson may not be the fastest player in the NFL, he has still managed to carve out a very successful career for himself.

Who is the Slowest Nfl Player

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-Who is the Slowest Nfl Player

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the position that a player holds and their specific role within the team. However, there are some players who are generally considered to be slower than others, such as tight ends and offensive linemen. Additionally, quarterbacks and wide receivers tend to be among the quickest players on the field.


The slowest NFL player is wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who ran a 4.57-second 40-yard dash at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. That time would have ranked him as the sixth-slowest player at the combine that year.


Who is considered the slowest NFL player?

The speed of NFL players can vary widely, and it’s important to note that speed is just one aspect of a player’s overall skillset. While it’s difficult to determine the absolute slowest player in the NFL, there have been players known for their lack of speed compared to others in the league. However, it’s essential to remember that these players still possess other valuable qualities that contribute to their success on the field.

What factors contribute to a player’s speed in the NFL?

Several factors can impact a player’s speed in the NFL:

  • Position: Different positions require varying levels of speed. For example, wide receivers and cornerbacks often need to be faster compared to offensive linemen or defensive tackles.
  • Technique and form: Proper running technique and mechanics can improve a player’s speed and acceleration.
  • Physical attributes: Factors such as height, weight, muscle composition, and natural athleticism can influence a player’s speed.
  • Injury history: Past injuries can impact a player’s speed and overall performance.

Why is speed important in the NFL?

Speed is highly valued

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