Who is the Heaviest Pokemon

The Pokémon franchise has been around for over 20 years and has introduced us to a variety of different creatures, each with their own unique abilities and looks. While some Pokémon are small and cutesy, others are absolutely massive! Here’s a look at the 10 heaviest Pokémon in the series.

At 888.8 pounds, Machamp is the heaviest Pokémon. The next heaviest are Groudon and Kyogre, both of which weigh in at around 450 pounds.

Who is the Heaviest Pokemon

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What is the Heaviest Pokemon

Pound for pound, the heaviest Pokémon is Jynx. This pink beauty tips the scales at just under 220 pounds, making her one of the heavier members of her species. Interestingly, despite being bulky, Jynx is actually quite nimble on her feet thanks to her long limbs.

Her agility has served her well in battle, where she’s known for using a variety of moves that can catch opponents off-guard.

While Jynx may be the heaviest Pokémon by weight, there are several other contenders for the title of “heaviest Pokémon.” For example, Snorlax clocks in at a whopping 1,000 pounds, making him more than four times as heavy as Jynx.

Similarly sized (but not nearly as hefty) Pokémon include Wailord and Steelix. Of course, size isn’t everything when it comes to determining which Pokémon is the heaviest – after all, Groudon weighs in at over 2 million pounds!


Pokemon are creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and delicate while others are large and bulky. So, who is the heaviest Pokemon?

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The current record holder for heaviest Pokemon is Snorlax, which weighs in at a whopping 1,014 pounds! This massive Pokemon is so big and heavy that it can barely move around on its own. When it’s finally time for Snorlax to eat, it can devour an entire tree in one sitting!

While Snorlax may be the heaviestPokemon currently known, there’s always a chance that another one could come along and take its place. After all, with over 800 different species of Pokemon out there, you never know what new discovery awaits!


Who is the heaviest Pokémon?

The heaviest Pokémon is Primal Groudon. In its Primal form, Groudon weighs a staggering 2,204.4 pounds (999.7 kilograms). This Legendary Pokémon from the Hoenn region is known for its immense size and power.

Are there other Pokémon that are exceptionally heavy?

Yes, there are several other Pokémon that are known for their substantial weight. Some notable heavy Pokémon include:

  • Snorlax: This Normal-type Pokémon weighs around 1,014.1 pounds (460.0 kilograms) and is known for its love of sleeping and eating.
  • Steelix: As a Steel and Ground-type Pokémon, Steelix is incredibly dense and weighs about 881.8 pounds (400.0 kilograms).
  • Metagross: This Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon weighs approximately 1,212.5 pounds (550.0 kilograms) due to its metallic body.

Does a Pokémon’s weight affect its abilities or battle performance?

While a Pokémon’s weight can impact certain moves and abilities, it doesn’t necessarily determine their battle performance. Other factors such as base stats, type advantages, and move sets play a more significant role in battles. Weight

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