Who is the Best Starter in Pokemon Sword

There are a lot of great starters in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, but who is the best? In this blog post, we will take a look at all of the starters and decide who is the best one. We will consider their moves, stats, and abilities to determine who is the best starter in Pokemon Sword.

It’s a tough call, but we have to give the title of best starter in Pok√©mon Sword to Scorbunny. This Fire-type bunny has attitude and spunk for days, and is always ready for a fight. Plus, its evolutions are absolutely adorable (we’re looking at you, Raboot).

Who is the Best Starter in Pokemon Sword

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Who is the Best Starter in Pokemon Sword

As of right now, the best starter in Pokemon Sword is Scorbunny. While some may argue that Sobble is the better choice, Scorbunny’s Fire-type moves make it the superior pick. When it comes to starters, every player has different preferences.

Some prefer a certain type, while others simply go for their favorite Pokemon. However, when it comes to raw power and usefulness, Scorbunny takes the cake. Scorbunny starts out with two Fire-type moves: Ember and Tackle.

Ember is a great move for taking down Grass-type Pokemon, which are common in the early game. Tackle is also a useful move for taking down Water-type Pokemon, another type that is common in the early game. In addition to its great offensive capabilities, Scorbunny also has decent defensive stats.

With a base HP of 50 and a base Defense of 71, Scorbunny can take hits from even some of the strongest opponents.

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So if you’re looking for the best starter in Pokemon Sword, look no further than Scorbunny!

However, Many Players Tend to Prefer Sobble As Their Starter Pokemon Due to Its Unique Abilities And Playstyle

There are many reasons why players might prefer Sobble as their starter pokemon. For one, Sobble has unique abilities that can be very useful in battle. One of these abilities is ‘Torrent’, which allows Sobble to deal more damage when its HP is low.

This can be helpful for taking down tough opponents. Another ability that Sobble has is ‘Intimidate’, which lowers the attack stat of opponent pokemon. This can be helpful for giving your team an advantage in battle.

Lastly, Sobble has the ‘Stealth Rock’ move, which can deal damage to flying-type pokemon and force them to switch out. All of these abilities make Sobble a very versatile and dangerous pokemon, which is why many players tend to prefer it as their starter pokemon.


The starter Pokemon in Sword and Shield are Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. While all three starters are strong, each has different strengths and weaknesses. Grookey is a Grass type Pokemon that excels at physical attacks.

Scorbunny is a Fire type that specializes in speed and special attacks. Sobble is a Water type whose biggest strength is its ability to inflict status conditions on opponents.

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