What Nba Player Has Made the Most Free Throws

In the National Basketball Association, free throws are worth one point each. A player is awarded free throws after being fouled while shooting the ball, or when a technical foul is committed against him or her. Free throws are also given to a team after certain types of fouls committed by the opposing team.

The player who has made the most free throws in NBA history is Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain.

There are a few players who have made more free throws than anyone else in NBA history. Players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, and Reggie Miller have all made more free throws than any other player. However, the player who has made the most free throws in NBA history is none other than LeBron James.

LeBron has made 8,580 free throws in his career, which is more than any other player in NBA history. What makes LeBron so good at making free throws? Well, for one thing, he has a very high shooting percentage.

He’s also been to the foul line a lot throughout his career. In fact, he’s currently second on the all-time list for most free throw attempts with 10,363. So if you want to know who the best player is at making free throws, there’s no doubt that it’s LeBron James.

He’s proven time and time again that he can knock down shots from the charity stripe better than anyone else in the league.

NBA All-Time Career Free Throws Leaders (1950-2020)

Highest Free Throw Percentage in Nba History

When it comes to free throws, some players are just automatic. Their shooting percentage is so high that you can almost count on them making their shots. And while there have been some great free throw shooters throughout NBA history, nobody has been better than Rick Barry.

Barry played for the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and San Francisco Warriors during his Hall of Fame career. And while he was an excellent scorer and rebounder, it was his free throw shooting that really set him apart from other players. In his 14 seasons in the NBA, Barry shot 90.8 percent from the free throw line.

That’s the highest percentage in league history for any player who attempted at least 1,000 free throws. It’s an impressive feat considering how important free throws are in close games.

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What made Barry such a great free throw shooter?

He had perfect form and always followed through on his shots. Plus, he had a quick release that made it difficult for defenders to contest his shots. As a result, he was one of the most clutch shooters in NBA history.

Nba Most Free Throws Made in a Game

In the NBA, the record for most free throws made in a game is 28, set by Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors in 1962. Chamberlain was a prolific scorer and rebounder, and was known for his physicality inside the paint. He would often overpower his opponents to get to the basket, where he was virtually unstoppable.

In this particular game against the New York Knicks, Chamberlain went to the foul line an astounding 46 times, making 28 of them. It’s a record that still stands today, and is unlikely to ever be broken. Chamberlain’s dominance inside the paint was legendary, and he remains one of the most dominant players in NBA history.

His records for points in a game (100) and rebounds in a game (55) are both still standing as well. He was truly a once-in-a-generation talent, and his performance against the Knicks is just another example of his greatness.

Most Missed Free Throws in Nba History

In the history of the NBA, there have been many great players who have made a living at the free throw line. But for every great player, there is always someone who struggles from the charity stripe. Here is a list of the five players with the most missed free throws in NBA history:

5. Jerry West – 5,366 misses 4. Allen Iverson – 5,372 misses 3. Karl Malone – 5,438 misses

2. Wilt Chamberlain – 5,561 misses 1. Shaquille O’Neal – 6,928 misses As you can see, some of the greatest players in NBA history also happen to be among the leaders in missed free throws.

Jerry West, Karl Malone and Shaquille O’Neal are all Hall of Famers who are remembered as some of the best players ever to play the game. However, they will also be remembered for their struggles from the free throw line.

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How Many Free Throws Has Lebron Made in His Career

Lebron James is one of the best basketball players in the world and has made a lot of free throws in his career. As of February 2020, Lebron has made 7,494 free throws out of 10,382 attempts, for a career free throw percentage of 72.1%. That means that he’s missed 2,888 free throws in his career.

Of course, Lebron isn’t perfect and has had some struggles with his free throws at times. For example, during the 2014-15 season, he only made 67.4% of his free throws. However, he’s been much better over the past few seasons and is currently shooting around 75% from the foul line.

It’s clear that Lebron James is a very good free throw shooter and will continue to be one of the best in the NBA for years to come.

What Nba Player Has Made the Most Free Throws

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Who Has the Most Airballs in Nba History?

When it comes to airballs, no one in NBA history has more than Wilt Chamberlain. In his career, Chamberlain airballed a total of 1,287 shots. That’s an average of 3.4 airballs per game.

Interestingly, though, Chamberlain is not the player with the most airballs in a single season. That distinction belongs to Shaquille O’Neal, who airballed a whopping 468 shots in the 1999-00 season. That averages out to 11.7 airballs per game!

Who are the Top 5 Free Throw Shooters in Nba History?

In the NBA, free throws are worth one point each. Free throw shooting is an important skill for players to possess, as it can often be the difference between winning and losing a game. The ability to knock down free throws consistently can also help a player earn a spot in the starting lineup or increase their playing time.

There have been many great free throw shooters in NBA history, but here are the five best of all-time: 1. Rick Barry: Barry is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history and was known for his accuracy from the foul line. He shot 89.3 percent from the charity stripe during his 14-year career, which is the second highest percentage in league history (minimum 500 attempts).

Barry was such a good shooter that he once made 28 straight free throws in a game.

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2. Jerry West: West is one of the greatest players in Lakers history and is also one of the best free throw shooters of all-time. He shot 87.8 percent from the foul line during his 15-year career, which included 14 seasons with Los Angeles.

West holds several Lakers records, including most points scored in a season (2,459) and most field goals made in a season (932). 3. Reggie Miller: Miller is one of the best three-point shooters in NBA history and was also very accurate from the foul line. He shot 86.4 percent from the charity stripe during his 18-year career with Indiana and New York Knicks .

Miller holds several Pacers records, including most points scored in a season (2,560) and most three pointers made in a season (229). He also ranks second on Indiana’s all-time scoring list behind only Hall of Famer Mel Daniels . 4 Steve Nash : Nash is one ofthe greatest point guards ever to play In addition to being an elite passer and shooter , Nash was also an excellent free throw shooter throughout his 19 – year career .

He currently ranks fourth all – timeinfree throw percentage at 90 % 5 Mark Price : Price hada very successful 12 – year NBA career , spending time withtheCavaliers , Warriors , Hawks ,andMagic .


The answer may surprise you. It turns out that the player who has made the most free throws in NBA history is none other than Shaquille O’Neal. That’s right, the big man himself holds the record for most free throws made with 10,328.

This is an incredible feat considering his size and the fact that he was not known for his shooting prowess during his playing days. What is even more impressive is that O’Neal accomplished this while only appearing in 1,207 games. To put that into perspective, the player with the second most free throws made in NBA history is Dwight Howard who appeared in 1,441 games.

This just goes to show how truly dominant Shaq was at the charity stripe during his Hall of Fame career.

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