How Much Pokemon Storage in Pokemon Go

With the release of Pokemon Go, many players are wondering how much storage space they will need for all their Pokemons. The game itself doesn’t take up too much space, but if you plan on catching them all, you will need some extra room. Here is a breakdown of how much storage you will need for each type of Pokemon.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Pokémon GO is “how much storage do I need for my Pokémon?” The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. While the game itself doesn’t take up a lot of space, if you’re planning on catching and storing a large number of Pokémon, you’ll need some extra space on your device.

Assuming you’re using an iPhone or iPad, each Pokémon takes up about 1MB of storage. So, if you have 100 Pokémon, that’s about 100MB of storage used. Additionally, the game itself requires about 50MB of storage, so factor that in as well.

Overall, you’re looking at needing at least 150-200MB of free storage space on your device to comfortably play and catchPokémon GO without running into any issues.

Of course, if you catch fewer Pokémon or delete ones you no longer want, you can get by with less storage. It really depends on how much room you want to leave open on your device and how many virtual creatures you plan on collecting.


How Much Pokemon Storage in Pokemon Go


– How Many Pokemon Can I Store in My Pokemon Go Account

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the level of your account and the amount of storage space you have available. However, it is generally accepted that you can store around 1000 Pokémon in your Pokémon GO account.


In Pokémon GO, you will only have a certain amount of space to store your Pokémon. This can be increased by purchasing more storage space with PokéCoins, the in-game currency. The maximum amount of Pokémon storage that can be purchased is 2,000.


How much Pokemon storage is available in Pokemon Go?

The maximum Pokemon storage capacity in Pokemon Go is 4000. However, players start with a base storage of 300 and can increase it by purchasing additional storage upgrades using in-game currency.

How can I increase my Pokemon storage in Pokemon Go?

To increase your Pokemon storage in Pokemon Go, you can purchase storage upgrades. Open the game, tap on the Poke Ball, select the “Shop” option, and then navigate to the “Items” tab. Look for the storage upgrades available for purchase and use your in-game currency to buy them. Each upgrade will increase your storage capacity by a certain amount.

What happens when my Pokemon storage reaches its maximum capacity?

When your Pokemon storage reaches its maximum capacity, you won’t be able to catch new Pokemon until you transfer or release some of your existing Pokemon. You have the option to transfer Pokemon to Professor Willow in exchange for candy, which frees up space in your storage. It’s important to manage your Pokemon storage efficiently to ensure you can continue catching new Pokemon.

Can I increase my Pokemon storage beyond the maximum capacity of 4000 in Pokemon Go?

No, currently the maximum Pokemon storage capacity in Pokemon Go is 4000. It is not possible to increase your storage beyond this

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