How Much Money Does Lsu Football Make

In 2019, LSU football generated a revenue of $98.9 million and a profit of $41.6 million, according to USA Today. The Tigers’ football program is the most profitable in the country. LSU’s total revenue from all sports was $174 million in 2019 with a profit of $61.5 million.

The school’s athletic department is self-sufficient and does not rely on university or state funds.

LSU Football is one of the most successful programs in college football. They have won multiple national championships and produced many NFL players. LSU Football brings in a lot of revenue for the school and the state of Louisiana.

In 2018, LSU Football generated $107 million in revenue. This is a big increase from 2017 when they only generated $95 million. A large portion of this revenue comes from ticket sales, but they also generate revenue from things like television contracts, merchandise sales, and donations.

LSU Football has been able to use this money to improve their facilities and pay their coaches some of the highest salaries in college football. In 2018, LSU paid their head coach Ed Orgeron $3.5 million dollars. That is more than double what they paid him in 2017.

They have also used this money to build new facilities and make upgrades to existing ones. The success of LSU Football has had a positive impact on the state of Louisiana as well. The state economy receives a boost every time LSU plays at home due to all the people that come to town for the game.

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How Much Money Does Lsu Football Make


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How Much Money Does Lsu Football Make

In 2019, the LSU Football program generated a total revenue of $107.3 million. This was an increase from the 2018 season when the program generated $103.8 million in revenue. The majority of this revenue comes from ticket sales, with LSU generating $47.7 million in ticket sales in 2019.

This is followed by money generated from donations and contributions, which totaled $38.1 million in 2019. Other sources of revenue for the LSU Football program include media rights fees ($9.5 million), concessions and merchandise ($6 million), and student fees ($4.9 million).

In 2018, Their Revenue Increased to $61 Million With a Profit of $47 Million

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They also introduced new products like the Fusion 360 camera and the Karma drone, which helped boost sales. GoPro’s success in 2018 can be attributed to strong demand for their products and innovative new offerings.


In 2019, the LSU football team generated total revenue of $103.8 million. The vast majority of this came from ticket sales and media rights, which brought in $61.5 million and $31.1 million respectively. Other sources of revenue included donations ($7.6 million) and merchandise sales ($2.9 million).

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