How Much is a Tynamo Pokemon Card Worth

Assuming you are talking about the Tynamo from Black and White, this card is worth about $0.50. However, if the Tynamo is from the XY set, then it is worth around $2. The value of a card can also be affected by its condition and whether or not it has been played with before.

For example, a brand new Tynamo card in mint condition could be worth more than one that has been used in a previous battle.

A Tynamo Pokemon card is worth quite a bit, especially if it is in mint condition. Depending on the edition and other factors, a Tynamo Pokemon card can be worth anywhere from $20 to over $100. So, if you have a Tynamo Pokemon card, be sure to hold onto it!

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How Much is a Tynamo Pokemon Card Worth


How Much is a Tynamo Pokemon Card Worth

Tynamo Pokemon cards are worth around $0.50 to $2, depending on the condition of the card and whether it is a first edition or not. Tynamo cards were first released in the Black & White set in 2010, and there are several different versions of the card available. The most valuable Tynamo card is the Black Star Promo #BW34 version, which was given out as a prize at various tournaments and events.

This card can sell for upwards of $40 in mint condition.

What is the Value of a Tynamo Pokemon Card

A Tynamo Pokemon card is worth about $0.50.

Where Can I Find Out How Much My Tynamo Pokemon Card is Worth

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, then you might be wondering how much your Tynamo card is worth. While the value of cards can vary depending on a number of factors, including condition and rarity, there are a few ways you can get an idea of how much your Tynamo card might be worth.

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One way to find out the value of your Tynamo card is to check online auction sites like eBay.

You can do a search for “Tynamo Pokemon card” and see what similar cards have sold for recently. Keep in mind that the prices you see on auction sites are often not the true value of the card, as many sellers inflate their prices in hopes of making a profit. However, looking at recent sales prices can give you a good idea of what other collectors are currently paying for Tynamo cards.

Another way to determine the value of your Tynamo card is to consult with a professional appraiser or trading card dealer. These experts will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of your card’s worth based on its condition and any unique features it may have. If you’re serious about selling your Tynamo card, then consulting with an expert is probably the best way to ensure you get top dollar for it.

No matter how you go about finding out the value of your Tynamo card, remember that its ultimate worth is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. So if you’re content with just keeping it as part of your personal collection, then that’s perfectly fine!


A Tynamo Pokemon card is worth about $10. The value of the card may change depending on its condition and whether or not it is holographic.

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