How Much is a Steve Young Football Card Worth

When it comes to sports cards, there are a lot of variables that can affect the value of a card. The same can be said for Steve Young football cards specifically. While some might be worth a couple hundred dollars, others could go for thousands depending on a number of factors.

Let’s take a look at what affects the value of Steve Young football cards.

A Steve Young football card is worth quite a bit, especially if it’s in good condition. Depending on the specific card, they can range in value from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. The most valuable Steve Young cards are those that were produced during his time with the San Francisco 49ers, which is when he had some of his greatest successes.

Cards from later in his career, after he retired from the NFL, are not worth as much. However, for collectors and fans of Steve Young, even these cards have some value.

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How Much is a Steve Young Football Card Worth


What is the Value of a Steve Young Football Card

Steve Young is a former American football quarterback who played 15 seasons in the National Football League (NFL) and is best known for his 13 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. He also briefly played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League (USFL). Young was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut.

He attended high school at Greenwich High School and then college at Brigham Young University (BYU).

A Common Steve Young Card Might Be Worth Only a Few Dollars, While a Rare Or Valuable Card Could Be Worth Hundreds Or Even Thousands of Dollars

A Steve Young card from his 1984 rookie season is one of the most popular cards among collectors. It can be worth anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on its condition. A rare or valuable card from Young’s career could be worth thousands of dollars.


According to the blog post, a Steve Young football card is worth around $5. However, the value of the card can vary depending on its condition and rarity.


How much is a Steve Young football card worth?

The value of a Steve Young football card can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the specific card, its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. Prices can range from a few dollars for common base cards to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for rare and highly sought-after cards. It’s recommended to consult pricing guides or seek the expertise of professional card appraisers to determine the current value of a specific Steve Young card.

What factors affect the value of a Steve Young football card?

Several factors can affect the value of a Steve Young football card. These include the year and brand of the card, the card’s condition (graded cards typically carry higher value), any special attributes such as autographs or game-used relics, and the overall popularity and demand for Steve Young cards among collectors. Limited edition or rookie cards tend to be more valuable due to their scarcity.

Where can I sell or buy Steve Young football cards?

You can sell or buy Steve Young football cards through various channels. These include online marketplaces such as eBay, dedicated sports card trading platforms, local card shops, sports memorabilia conventions, and collector forums. It’s important to research and compare prices, verify the authenticity of the card, and consider factors such as shipping costs and seller reputation when making

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