How Much is a Staryu Pokemon Card Worth

A Staryu Pokémon card is worth quite a bit. They are hard to come by and are highly sought after by collectors. A Staryu card can easily fetch upwards of $100.00, and sometimes even more depending on the condition of the card and how rare it is.

A Staryu Pokemon card can be worth quite a bit, depending on its condition and what edition it is. For example, a first edition holo Staryu card can sell for around $100. However, if the card is not in mint condition, it may only be worth around $10.

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How Much is a Staryu Pokemon Card Worth


How Much is a Staryu Pokemon Card Worth

A Staryu Pokemon card is worth quite a bit. Depending on the condition of the card, it can be worth anywhere from $10 to $100. The value of a Staryu Pokemon card also depends on its rarity.

A common Staryu Pokemon card is not worth as much as a rare or ultra-rare card.

What are the Most Valuable Staryu Pokemon Cards

Staryu is a fan-favorite among Pokémon cards, and there are plenty of valuable Staryu cards out there. Here are some of the most expensive and sought-after Staryu cards:1. 1st Edition Base Set Staryu – $2,000+

This card is incredibly rare and valuable, as it was only released in the very first edition of the Pokémon trading card game. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these, it’s definitely worth a pretty penny!2. Promotional Staryu – $500+

This special Staryu card was only available through a promotional event in Japan back in 1997, which makes it quite rare and collectible. It’s a must-have for any serious Staryu fan or collector.3. Shining Gyarados/Starmie Deck Exclusive Tin Promo Card – $400+

This beautiful tin promo card features both Shining Gyarados and Starmie, making it a highly desirable item for collectors. It was only available through purchase of a special deck exclusive tin back in 2000, so it’s not easy to come by nowadays.

Where Can I Sell My Staryu Pokemon Cards

If you’re looking to sell your Staryu Pokemon cards, there are a few places you can try. One option is to post them on online auction sites like eBay. You can also try posting them on forums or classifieds websites dedicated to trading or selling collectible cards.

Finally, you could take them to a local game store that buys and sells used gaming items. Whichever route you choose, be sure to do your research first so you get the best price for your cards!


A Staryu Pokemon card is worth anywhere from $0.50 to $2, depending on the condition of the card and whether it is a first edition.

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