How Much is a Snorlax Pokemon Card Worth

A Snorlax Pokemon card can be worth a lot or a little bit depending on its condition and whether it is part of a set. A Snorlax from the Base Set in mint condition can go for around $500. However, if the card is not in such pristine condition, it might only be worth around $50.

So, if you are looking to sell your Snorlax Pokemon card, make sure you take good care of it!

A Snorlax Pokemon card is worth quite a bit, especially if it’s in good condition. The most recent sales have been around $100 for a near mint condition card, but prices can range from $50 to $200 depending on the condition and seller. Snorlax is a fan-favorite Pokemon, so there’s always high demand for cards featuring this big, sleepy creature.

If you’re looking to sell your Snorlax card, be sure to do some research first and find out what similar cards are selling for.

Top 10 Snorlax Pokemon Cards
How Much is a Snorlax Pokemon Card Worth


How Much is a Snorlax Pokemon Card Worth

Snorlax is a fan-favorite Pokemon, known for its massive size and lazy demeanor. As such, Snorlax cards are highly sought-after by collectors and can be quite valuable. The value of a Snorlax card depends on a few factors, including the set it is from, its condition, and whether or not it is holographic.

A Snorlax card from the Base Set in mint condition can fetch upwards of $1000, while a Snorlax from the newer Sun & Moon sets might only be worth around $20. So if you’re looking to cash in on your old Pokemon cards, keep an eye out for that rare Snorlax!

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What are the Most Expensive Snorlax Pokemon Cards

Snorlax is a fan-favorite Pokemon, known for its laid-back attitude and love of food. So it’s no surprise that Snorlax cards are some of the most coveted and expensive cards in the Pokemon trading card game. The most expensive Snorlax card is the Shiny Snorlax Promo Card, which was released in 1998 to promote the then-new Pokémon Trading Card Game.

This card is so rare and valuable because it was only available through a limited number of promotional events, making it one of the rarest Snorlax cards in existence. Another highly sought-after Snorlax card is the “Precious Friends” Snorlax, which was released as a Japanese exclusive in 2001. This card features a special holographic foil design and is considered one of the most beautiful Snorlax cards ever made.

While these two cards are by far the most expensive Snorlax cards, there are many other rare and valuable Snorlax cards out there that collectors will pay top dollar for. So if you’re lucky enough to have any old Snorlax cards lying around, be sure to check them out online to see if they could be worth some serious cash!

Where Can I Find Value Information on Snorlax Pokemon Cards

There are a few ways that you can find value information on Snorlax Pokemon cards. The first place to look is online auction and sales sites. You can also check out websites that specialize in trading card values.

Finally, you can ask other collectors and traders what they think the value of a particular card might be. All of these methods will give you a good idea of what your Snorlax cards are worth.

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Snorlax is a fan-favorite pokemon, and its card is no different! Snorlax cards can range in price depending on their condition and edition, but generally speaking, a Snorlax card is worth around $10. However, if you have a rare or valuable edition of the card, it could be worth even more!

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