How Much is a Raikou Pokemon Card Worth

A Raikou Pokemon card is worth quite a bit. It all depends on the condition of the card and how rare it is. A mint condition Raikou Pokemon card could be worth hundreds of dollars, while a poor condition one may only be worth a few dollars.

The most important thing to remember when determining the value of a Raikou Pokemon card is its rarity.

Raikou is a Legendary Pokemon, and as such, its cards are worth quite a bit. The most recent release of the Raikou card was in the Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder set, and it is currently retailing for around $20. However, prices for cards can vary depending on condition and whether or not they are foil versions.

For example, a mint condition Raikou from the Expedition Base Set recently sold for over $400! So if you’re looking to add this elusive Legendary to your collection, be prepared to spend some serious cash.

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Raikou Rainbow Rare Price

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon trading card game, then you know that Rainbow Rare cards are some of the most coveted and valuable cards in the game. And one of the most sought-after Rainbow Rare cards is Raikou. So, how much is a Raikou Rainbow Rare worth?

Well, it depends. If you can find one in near mint condition, you could be looking at paying upwards of $1,000 for it. However, if the card is not in pristine condition, you can expect to pay significantly less – maybe even as low as $100.

Of course, no matter what condition the card is in, owning a Raikou Rainbow Rare is sure to make you the envy of all your friends!

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Raikou Pokemon Card Holo

Raikou is a Legendary Pokémon from the Johto region. It is an Electric-type Pokémon and is part of the Thundering Herd. Raikou is one of the three Legendary Beasts, along with Entei and Suicune.

Raikou was first seen in the anime in episode #274 (The Legend of Thunder!), where it was being chased by Team Rocket. In the following episode, Ash and his friends met up with Raikou and helped it to escape from Team Rocket. Since then, Raikou has made sporadic appearances in the anime, often teaming up with Pikachu to defeat some sort of enemy.

Raikou was first released as a holofoil card in the Neo Revelation expansion back in 2001. This particular card is highly sought after by collectors due to its rarity and stylish holographic design. The card features Raikou in mid-air, surrounded by a whirling aura of electricity.

Its body appears to be crackling with energy, making for a stunning visual effect. If you’re lucky enough to own this rare piece of Pokémon history, then congratulations! You have one of the most valuable cards in all of existence!

Raikou 050/185 Holo Price

If you’re a fan of the Pokmon Trading Card Game, then you know that the value of cards can fluctuate quite a bit. One card that has seen a significant increase in value recently is the Raikou 050/185 Holo. This card was released as part of the Team Rocket Returns set back in 2005 and was originally valued at around $30.

However, due to its increasing rarity, the current market value for this card is now over $200!

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So why is the Raikou 050/185 Holo so valuable? Well, there are actually two main reasons.

Firstly, it’s one of only a handful of full-art holographic cards in the Team Rocket Returns set. Secondly, it features the popular Pokmon character Raikou on a glossy background – which makes it highly desirable to collectors. If you happen to have this card lurking in your collection, then congratulations – you may be sitting on a small fortune!

Holographic Raikou Pokemon Card Value

Holographic Raikou Pokemon Card Value A lot of people are selling their Holographic Raikou Pokemon cards on eBay for around $100. I have seen some go for as high as $200.

Your best bet is to find someone who is selling theirs for less than $100 and try to haggle them down a bit. If you can’t find anyone selling one for less than $100, then just wait until someone does. The value of these cards will only go up from here.

How Much is a Raikou Pokemon Card Worth


How Much is the Raikou Worth?

Raikou is a Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II. It is an Electric-type Pokémon that is part of the Johto region’s starter trio, along with Cyndaquil and Totodile. Raikou is one of the three Legendary Beasts, alongside Entei and Suicune.

Raikou has a base stat total of 580, making it tied with Jolteon for the highest base stat total of all Electric-type Pokémon. Out of all the Johto starters, Raikou has the highest Special Attack and Speed stats. In terms of defensive stats, Raikou ties with Cyndaquil for the lowest HP but has higher Defense and Special Defense than both Cyndaquil and Totodile.

The average price for a raikou plushie on eBay is $25 USD.

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Is Raikou a Rare Pokemon Card?

Raikou is not a rare Pokemon card. In fact, it is one of the more common cards you will find in booster packs and theme decks. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerful card.

Raikou has high attack and speed stats, making it a formidable opponent in battle. If you’re looking to add Raikou to your collection, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

How Many Raikou Cards are There?

As of September 2020, there are a total of 33 Raikou cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This includes all cards featuring Raikou across all sets, including promotional and secret rare cards. Of these 33 cards, only 9 are considered to be “true” raikou cards, as they feature theLegendary Pokèmon front and center.

The other 24cards feature either an image of Suicune or Entei on the front, withRaikou appearing in the background.

How Much Does the Raikou Ex Cost?

The Raikou EX is a special edition of the card game that was released in 2004. It came with a special gold-foil stamp and was only available in Japan. The card was later reprinted in the Platinum expansion.

The EX symbol on the card indicates that it is a powerful version of the original Raikou card. The cost of the Raikou EX varies depending on where you purchase it, but it typically sells for around $100.


A Raikou Pokemon card can be worth a lot depending on its condition and whether it is a first edition or not. A mint condition first edition card can go for around $1,000, while a regular non-first edition card in good condition can be worth around $100.

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