How Much is a Nba 10-Day Contract

NBA 10-day contracts are typically worth $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the player’s experience and skill level. However, there is no guarantee that a player will actually receive any money from a 10-day contract – if they are cut before the end of the 10 days, they will not receive any compensation. In order to sign a 10-day contract, a player must first be waived by their current team.

As the NBA season approaches, many players are signing 10-day contracts with teams. So, how much do these contracts pay? According to Spotrac, the average 10-day contract in the NBA pays $50,812.

However, this amount can vary depending on a player’s experience and role with their team. For example, a player like LeBron James who signs a 10-day contract would likely make much more than the average salary. So, while the exact amount of a 10-day contract can vary, we know that they provide a nice payday for NBA players looking to catch on with a team.

NBA 10 Day Contracts and 2 Way Contracts for true dummies
How Much is a Nba 10-Day Contract


How Much Does a Nba 10-Day Contract Pay

In the NBA, a 10-day contract pays $46,607 prorated for the number of days left in the season. For example, if there are 20 days left in the season when a player signs a 10-day contract, he would earn $23,304 for those 10 days.

How Many Games Do Players on 10-Day Contracts Typically Play

Players on 10-day contracts typically play in about 5 to 7 games before their contract expires.

What is the Difference between a Nba 10-Day Contract And a Standard Nba Contract

The NBA offers two types of contracts to free agents looking to join a team: 10-day contracts and standard contracts. The main difference between the two is the length of time each contract lasts. A 10-day contract can be issued at any point during the season and is only valid for 10 days, while a standard contract is typically signed before the start of the season and lasts for either one or two years.

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10-day contracts are usually used by teams when they need to fill a roster spot due to an injury or suspension, or if they want to take a look at a player without making a long-term commitment. Standard contracts are more common, as they provide stability for both the team and the player. It’s important to note that players on 10-day contracts do not receive guaranteed money, meaning they could be cut at any time during those 10 days without receiving any compensation.

Standard NBA contracts, on the other hand, are fully guaranteed, so players will receive their salary even if they’re cut before the end of the contract.

How Often Can Teams Sign Players to 10-Day Contracts

Teams are allowed to sign players to 10-day contracts twice per season. After that, they can only sign them for the remainder of the season or release them.


A 10-day contract in the NBA is worth $46,176, according to Spotrac. This is the minimum amount a player can earn while on a 10-day contract. Players on 10-day contracts are typically signed by teams when they need to fill a roster spot due to injury or other reasons.

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