How Much is a Lycanroc Pokemon Card Worth

If you’re looking to invest in a Lycanroc Pokemon card, you might be wondering how much it’s worth. The value of a Lycanroc card can vary depending on its rarity and condition, but generally speaking, they’re worth quite a bit. A mint condition Lycanroc card can fetch upwards of $100, making it a wise investment for any serious Pokemon collector.

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, then you know that Lycanroc is one of the most sought-after cards. So, how much is a Lycanroc card worth? Well, it depends on a few factors, including the condition of the card and whether it’s the rarest version (the Midnight Form).

Generally speaking, though, a Lycanroc card can fetch anywhere from $20 to $100. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a Lycanroc card, hold onto it! It could be worth quite a bit of money one day.

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How Much is a Lycanroc V Pokemon Card Worth

As of right now, a Lycanroc V pokemon card is worth about $17. This price is subject to change as the market fluctuates, but it gives you an idea of how much this card is worth. The Lycanroc V card was released as a part of the Sword and Shield expansion and has been a desired card since then.

Many players are looking to get their hands on this powerful creature, which has made the prices go up. If you’re thinking of selling your Lycanroc V card, now would be a good time to do so!

How Much is a Lycanroc Gx Pokemon Card Worth

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, then you’ve probably been wondering how much your Lycanroc GX card is worth. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to this question since the value of cards can fluctuate depending on a number of factors, including supply and demand. However, we can take a look at some recent sales data to get an idea of what Lycanroc GX cards are currently fetching on the open market.

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As of right now, the average price for a Lycanroc GX card is about $15. This figure is based on sales data from various online retailers over the past few months. It’s important to note that this is just an average – some cards have sold for as low as $10, while others have gone for upwards of $20.

The value of your specific card may be higher or lower than this average depending on its condition and which edition it is. For example, first edition cards are typically more valuable than later editions. Similarly, cards that are in mint condition will usually sell for more than ones that have been well-played.

If you’re thinking about selling your Lycanroc GX card, then it’s important to do your research and find out what similar cards have recently sold for. Once you have an idea of what your card is worth, you can list it for sale at a price that you’re comfortable with and hopefully find a buyer who’s willing to pay that amount.

How Much is Lycanroc Gx Big Card Worth

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, then you’re probably wondering how much Lycanroc Gx’s big card is worth. While there is no definitive answer, as the value of cards can fluctuate depending on market conditions, we can give you a general idea of what this card might be worth. Lycanroc Gx’s big card was first released as part of the Sun & Moon expansion in 2017.

The card features artwork by kawayoo and depicts Lycanroc in its Midday Forme. It has a standard power level for a Stage 1 Pokémon-EX, making it a decent choice for competitive play. However, what really sets this card apart is its ability, which allows you to attach two Energy cards from your hand to one of your Benched Pokémon each turn.

This can be incredibly powerful if used correctly, as it allows you to set up energy-heavy attackers quickly and easily.

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So, how much is Lycanroc Gx’s big card worth? While there is no definitive answer, most experts believe that the card is currently worth around $10 USD.

This value could rise or fall in the future depending on demand from collectors and players alike. So, if you’re looking to add this rare and valuable card to your collection, now might be the time to do so!

How Much is Lycanroc Gx Worth Stage 1

If you’re a fan of the Pok mon trading card game, then you’ve probably been wondering how much Lycanroc Gx is worth. After all, it’s one of the newest and most popular cards in the game. Well, the answer isn’t quite as simple as you might think.

The value of Lycanroc Gx depends on a few different factors, including the edition of the card and whether or not it has been played. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about the value of Lycanroc Gx: The first thing to keep in mind is that there are two different versions of Lycanroc Gx – regular and shiny.

Regular Lycanroc Gx cards are worth less than their shiny counterparts simply because they’re more common. In general, regular Lycanroc Gx cards are worth around $10-$20, while shiny ones can go for anywhere from $30-$40. However, it’s important to note that the value of both regular and shiny Lycanroc Gx can fluctuate based on supply and demand.

If there are a lot of people looking to buy Lycanroc Gx cards, then prices will likely go up. Similarly, if there’s an overabundance of them on the market, then prices will drop accordingly. So, it’s always important to keep an eye on trends before making any decisions about buying or selling your cards.

How Much is a Lycanroc Pokemon Card Worth


How Much is The Lycanroc Worth?

The Lycanroc is a mythical creature that is said to be worth a great deal of money. There are many different opinions on how much The Lycanroc is actually worth, but most agree that it is a very valuable creature. Some say that The Lycanroc is worth as much as a small country, while others believe that it is only worth a few hundred dollars.

However, the majority of people seem to think that The Lycanroc is worth somewhere in between these two extremes. Many people believe that The Lycanroc is worth around $10 million.

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How Much is a 2022 Lycanroc V Worth?

Assuming you are talking about the new Lycanroc that was just recently released, then the answer is currently unknown. The card is not yet released in English and therefore no official value has been assigned to it. However, based on the current prices of other Lycanroc cards and similar cards from other sets, it is safe to assume that the 2022 Lycanroc V will be worth around $20-$30.

This is only a rough estimate though, so keep an eye on the market for more accurate pricing information once the card is officially released.

Is Lycanroc a Good Pokemon Card?

If you’re looking for a Rock-type Pokemon with a lot of potential, Lycanroc just might be the card for you. With high stats across the board and a versatile movepool, Lycanroc can hold its own in battle. Add in its Ability Intimidate, which lowers the Attack stat of opposing Pokemon, and you’ve got a formidable opponent.

One thing to keep in mind is that Lycanroc is weak to Fighting-, Ground-, Steel- and Water-type attacks, so choose your battles carefully. Overall, though, Lycanroc is a solid choice for any trainer’s deck.


A Lycanroc Pokemon card can be worth a lot or a little depending on the condition of the card and where it is being sold. A mint condition Lycanroc card could sell for around $100, while a used one might only be worth around $10. The value of the card also depends on whether it is the day or night version of Lycanroc.

The night version is considered to be more rare and valuable.

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