How Much is a Kirk Gibson Baseball Card Worth

Kirk Gibson is a former professional baseball player who played for both the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981. Gibson was born on May 28, 1958, in Pontiac, Michigan.

He played college baseball at Michigan State University before being drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the first round of the 1976 Major League Baseball Draft. Gibson made his Major League debut with the Tigers in 1979 and played for them until 1988. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he won a World Series title with them in 1988.

Gibson retired from playing baseball after the 1995 season.

Kirk Gibson is a baseball legend. He was a key member of the 1984 World Series champion Detroit Tigers team, and he also played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. His career batting average was .268, and he hit 255 home runs.

Gibson was an All-Star in 1988 and 1990, and he won the National League MVP award in 1988. He also helped the Dodgers win the World Series in 1988. So, how much is a Kirk Gibson baseball card worth?

It depends on which card you have. For example, his 1984 Topps Traded rookie card #98T is worth around $40-$50 in mint condition. But if you have his 1986 Fleer Update card #57U, that’s worth closer to $100-$200.

And if you’re lucky enough to have his 1987 Donruss The Rookies card #36, that could be worth $500 or more!

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Of course, like with any collectible item, the value of Kirk Gibson cards can go up or down depending on market conditions. So it’s always a good idea to do your research before buying or selling any baseball cards.


How Much is a Kirk Gibson Baseball Card Worth


What is a Kirk Gibson Baseball Card Worth

When it comes to Kirk Gibson baseball cards, there is no one definitive answer. The value of a Kirk Gibson baseball card can vary greatly depending on the specific card, its condition, and other factors. However, as a general rule, Kirk Gibson baseball cards are worth significantly less than cards featuring more popular or iconic players.

For example, a mint condition 1984 Fleer Kirk Gibson rookie card might sell for around $20-$30, whereas a comparable Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth card could easily fetch several hundred dollars or more. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and some individual Kirk Gibson cards can be quite valuable; for instance, his 1986 Topps Traded #1T All-Star card recently sold at auction for over $700. In short, if you’re looking to invest in a Kirk Gibson baseball card (or any other player’s card), it’s important to do your research first in order to get an accurate sense of its potential value.

How Much is a Kirk Gibson Rookie Card Worth

Kirk Gibson is a retired American professional baseball player who played seventeen seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for four teams from 1979 to 1995. A former World Series MVP and two-time National League (NL) home run champion, he is best known for his pinch-hit walk-off home run off Dennis Eckersley that won Game 1 of the 1988 World Series for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Gibson’s rookie card was issued by Topps in 1980 and is therefore part of the Topps’ flagship set.

The card has a value of $30-$40 in Near Mint condition and features Gibson as a member of the Detroit Tigers.

How Much is a Kirk Gibson Autographed Baseball Card Worth

Kirk Gibson autographed baseball cards are worth quite a bit, depending on the card and the condition of the autograph. A quick search online shows that a Kirk Gibson autographed rookie card in mint condition can sell for upwards of $200, while a signed ball from his time with the Detroit Tigers can go for around $50. Of course, there are many factors that can affect the value of an autographed baseball card, so it’s always best to consult with a professional before making any decisions.


Kirk Gibson is a former American baseball player who had a successful career with several teams. After retiring, he became a coach and broadcaster. His baseball cards are highly sought after by collectors.

A Kirk Gibson baseball card from his rookie year can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The value of the card depends on its condition and whether it is autographed.

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