How Much is a Fred Mcgriff Baseball Card Worth

A Fred McGriff baseball card is worth quite a bit, depending on the condition of the card and the year it was produced. For example, a pristine 1992 Topps Stadium Club McGriff rookie card in mint condition can fetch upwards of $250 from collectors. However, more common cards from later years are usually only worth a few dollars.

The value of a Fred McGriff baseball card can also be affected by whether or not he is pictured with his original team, the Toronto Blue Jays, or his later teams, such as the Atlanta Braves or Tampa Bay Rays.

If you’re a baseball fan, then you know who Fred McGriff is. He was a first baseman who played for several teams during his career, including the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, and Tampa Bay Rays. He was known for his power hitting and was inducted into the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame in 2006.

So, how much is a Fred McGriff baseball card worth? McGriff’s rookie card was released in 1985 by Topps and is therefore highly sought after by collectors. In mint condition, it can sell for around $50.

However, if you find one that’s been well-loved and well-played with, it might only be worth a couple of dollars. There are also many other Fred McGriff cards out there that are worth collecting. For example, his 1991 Upper Deck MVP card is worth around $15 in mint condition.

And if you can find one of his limited edition All-Star cards from 1992 or 1993, those are also valuable finds (worth around $20 each in mint condition).

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So whether you’re just starting to collect baseball cards or you’re a seasoned veteran, keep an eye out for Fred McGriff cards – they could be worth more than you think!

1986 Leaf Fred McGriff baseball rated rookie card

How Much is a Fred Mcgriff Baseball Card Worth


-What is the Value of a Fred Mcgriff Baseball Card

If you’re a baseball card collector, then the value of a Fred McGriff card is probably pretty high on your list. After all, he’s considered one of the best first basemen of his generation and was an All-Star six times during his career. So, how much is a Fred McGriff baseball card worth?

Well, it depends on which card you have and what condition it’s in. A mint condition McGriff rookie card from 1984 can fetch upwards of $500, while a less rare card from later in his career might only be worth around $20. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have one of his more valuable cards, such as his 1991 Upper Deck Gold Hologram #TM-4 (one of only 100 made), then you could be sitting on quite a bit of money – that particular card has been known to sell for over $5,000!


A Fred McGriff baseball card from his rookie season is worth approximately $50. This value may fluctuate depending on the condition of the card and any special features it may have. For example, a card that is autographed by McGriff could be worth significantly more than one that is not autographed.

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