How Much is a Ferrothorn Pokemon Card Worth

Ferrothorn is a Steel/Grass-type Pokemon, and its card is worth about $4. The Ferrothorn card was first released in the Black & White set in 2011. It has since been reprinted in the XY set and the Sun & Moon set.

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you’ve probably heard of Ferrothorn. This little steel/grass type Pokemon is a fan favorite among collectors and players alike. So, how much is a Ferrothorn Pokemon card worth?

Well, it depends on a few factors. The first is the edition of the card. There are four different editions of Ferrothorn cards: Black and White, XY, Sun and Moon, and Ultra Prism.

Each one has slightly different art and varying degrees of rarity. The most common Ferrothorn cards are from the Black and White set, while the rarest ones are from Ultra Prism. The second factor that affects a card’s value is its condition.

Like with any collectible, cards in mint condition will be worth more than those that have been well-played. If you’re looking to sell your Ferrothorn card, make sure to check its condition before listing it for sale. Finally, the last factor that will affect a Ferrothorn card’s value is whether or not it has any special features.

Some cards come with special foil treatments or holographic images that make them more valuable to collectors. If your Ferrothorn card has any of these features, it will likely be worth more than one without them. So, how much is a Ferrothorn Pokemon card worth?

It really depends on the edition, condition, and features of the individual card in question. However, even commonFerrothorns can fetch quite a bit of money from enthusiastic collectors!

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How Much is a Ferrothorn Pokemon Card Worth


Q: How Much is a Ferrothorn Pokemon Card Worth

Ferrothorn is a steel and grass type Pokemon, first introduced in the fifth generation of Pokemon games. It is known for its thick armor, which protects it from attacks, and its large claws, which it uses to grab and crush opponents. Ferrothorn is a rare Pokemon, and as such, its cards are also quite rare.

The most recent Ferrothorn card was released in the XY Black Star Promos set and is currently worth around $20.

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A Ferrothorn Pokemon card is worth about $10. The value of the card may vary depending on the condition of the card and where it is being sold.

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