How Much is a Carnivine Pokemon Card Worth

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon trading card game, you may be wondering how much your Carnivine card is worth. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, as the value of cards can fluctuate depending on a number of factors. However, we can take a look at some recent sales to get an idea of what Carnivine cards are currently selling for.

As of right now, the most expensive Carnivine card on eBay is selling for $199.99. This particular card is from the Japanese set “HGSS Black Star Promos” and is considered to be quite rare. Other Carnivine cards from this set are selling for around $100-$150, so it’s safe to say that this particular card is on the higher end of the spectrum.

A Carnivine Pokemon card is worth quite a bit, especially if it is in mint condition. Depending on the edition, a Carnivine card can range in value from $20 to $100. The most valuable cards are usually the rarest ones, such as the Shiny Carnivine or the Full Art Carnivine.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Carnivine card, make sure to do your research first so that you know how much it is worth!

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How Much is a Carnivine Pokemon Card Worth


1) How Much is a Carnivine Pokemon Card Worth

A Carnivine Pokemon card can be worth anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00, depending on the condition of the card and whether or not it is a rare or special edition.


A Carnivine Pokemon card is worth about $10. The value of the card may vary depending on its condition and how rare it is.


How much is a Carnivine Pokemon card worth?

The value of a Carnivine Pokemon card can vary depending on several factors. These include the card’s rarity, condition, edition, and any special features or attributes it may possess. As of now, the value of a Carnivine Pokemon card ranges from a few dollars for common cards to potentially higher amounts for rare, graded, or special edition cards.

What factors determine the value of a Carnivine Pokemon card?

Several factors influence the value of a Carnivine Pokemon card. These factors include the card’s rarity (such as common, uncommon, rare, or ultra-rare), the condition of the card (graded cards in mint condition tend to have higher values), the demand from collectors, the popularity of the Pokemon character, and any unique attributes or special editions associated with the card.

How can I determine the worth of my Carnivine Pokemon card?

To determine the value of your Carnivine Pokemon card, you can refer to price guides, consult online marketplaces or auction platforms specializing in Pokemon cards, or seek the advice of professional card grading and appraisal services. These resources can provide insights into recent sales data and market trends, helping you estimate the approximate worth of your card.

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