How Much is a 10-Day Nba Contract

An NBA contract typically lasts for 10 days and is worth a minimum of $50,000. However, some players may sign a deal for more money depending on their experience and skill level. The average salary for an NBA player is around $7 million per year, so a 10-day contract is a small fraction of what they would normally make.

10-day NBA contracts are becoming more and more common in today’s league. With the ever-increasing salary cap, teams are finding it difficult to keep all of their players under contract while still staying under the cap. As a result, teams are increasingly turning to 10-day contracts as a way to fill out their rosters.

So how much does a 10-day contract pay? Well, it depends on the player’s experience. A first year player will make $50,848 for each 10 day period, while a veteran with 10 or more years of experience will make $93,000.

Players can sign up to two 10-day contracts with the same team in one season, but after that they must either be signed for the rest of the season or released.There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering signing a 10-day contract. First, you’ll only get paid for the days you’re actually under contract – so if you’re released after five days, you’ll only get paid for those five days.

Second, your salary is not guaranteed – so if you’re cut before your contract is up, you won’t receive any further payments. Finally, because teams can sign players to multiple 10-day contracts throughout the season, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to stay with one team for an extended period of time.

If you’re looking to make some quick money playing basketball and don’t mind being on something of a short leash financially, then signing a 10-day NBA contract might be right for you.

Just remember that your earnings are not guaranteed and that you could end up playing for multiple teams over the course of just one season.

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How Much is a 10-Day Nba Contract


How Much is a 10-Day Nba Contract

Assuming you are referring to a 10-day contract in the NBA, these types of contracts are generally given to players who are either trying to prove themselves or fill in for an injured player. These contracts do not guarantee any amount of money, but rather give the player 10 days to show what they can do. If a team likes what they see, they can sign the player for the rest of the season.

If not, they will release the player and look elsewhere. Because there is no guaranteed money with these types of contracts, it is difficult to put an exact number on how much they are worth. However, we can look at some recent examples to get an idea.

In 2017, guard Briante Weber signed a 10-day contract with the Memphis Grizzlies worth $50,812. In 2018, forward Michael Beasley signed a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Lakers worth $58,821. As you can see from these two examples, 10-day contracts in the NBA can range anywhere from $50k to $60k depending on the team and situation.

What are the Benefits of Signing a 10-Day Contract

There are a few benefits to signing a 10-day contract as opposed to a standard NBA contract. The first is that it allows the player to sign with any team, regardless of whether that team has open roster spots or not. This can be beneficial if the player is looking to join a specific team or play with certain players.

Additionally, signing a 10-day contract does not count towards the NBA’s annual cap on player salaries, meaning that teams can sign multiple players to 10-day contracts without affecting their salary cap situation. Finally, because 10-day contracts are so short, they typically do not include any guaranteed money, which means that teams can release players at any time without having to pay them any further salary.

How Does a 10-Day Contract Work

Assuming you are referring to a 10 day contract in the NBA:A 10-day contract in the NBA is a short term agreement between a player and team that allows a player to sign with an NBA team for 10 days without having to go through the waiver process. This type of contract is typically used by teams who are looking for short-term help, either because of injuries or because they want to take a look at a player before deciding if they want to sign them for the rest of the season.

Players on 10-day contracts are paid based on the number of days they are under contract, pro-rated over the course of the season. For example, if a player signs a 10-day contract worth $50,000 on January 1st, they would be paid $5,000 per game. If that same player signed another 10-day contract worth $75,000 on January 11th, they would be paid $7,500 per game for those 10 days.

Once a player has signed two 10-day contracts with the same team, they must either be signed for the rest of the season or released. Players can only sign two 10-day contracts with any one team during an NBA season.

What Happens If I Sign a 10-Day Contract And Then Get Released

If you sign a 10-day contract and then get released, you will be paid for the days that you worked plus any accrued benefits. If you are released before the 10 days are up, you will still receive payment for the number of days worked.


Assuming you are referring to a 10-day NBA contract for a player, it is worth noting that the minimum salary for an NBA player is $898,310. Therefore, a 10-day contract would be worth approximately $89,830. It is important to keep in mind that players on 10-day contracts are not guaranteed their full salaries if they are released before the end of the contract period.

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