How Much Does Nba Commissioner Make

The NBA Commissioner is the highest-paid commissioner in all of professional sports. In 2019, he made $45 million. That’s more than double what the MLB Commissioner and NFL Commissioner make combined.

His salary has been increasing steadily over the years and is now nearly four times what it was when he first took office in 2006. The majority of his compensation comes from television and digital media rights deals that he has negotiated on behalf of the league. He also receives a percentage of league revenue from things like ticket sales and merchandising.

The NBA Commissioner is one of the most powerful people in the world of professional basketball. He is responsible for the overall operation of the league and its 30 teams. The Commissioner also has a huge impact on the game itself, from rules changes to player discipline.

So, how much does this all-important figure make? According to Forbes, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver earned $26 million in 2017. That made him the highest-paid commissioner in all of professional sports.

His salary comes from a combination of his base pay, bonuses, and equity in the league. Silver’s compensation package is not just about money, though. He also receives perks like use of a private jet and tickets to all NBA games.

These benefits are worth an estimated $1 million per year. So what does Silver do with all that money? He has donated millions to charitable causes, including disaster relief and social justice initiatives.

He’s also given generously to political campaigns and causes he believes in. In short, he puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to making a difference in the world.

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How Much Money Does Adam Silver Make? (It May Surprise You)

How Much Does Nba Commissioner Make


How Much Does Nba Commissioner Make

According to Forbes, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s salary was $10 million for the 2017-18 season. In addition to his salary, Silver also received a $1.7 million bonus, bringing his total compensation package to just over $11 million. That said, it’s important to note that Silver’s total compensation is down from the previous year when he made $24 million.

The decrease is largely due to the new collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and its players which went into effect this season. Under the terms of the CBA, Silver’s base salary was reduced from $22 million to $10 million while his maximum bonus potential was capped at $5.1 million (it was previously unlimited). So while Silver may not be making as much money as he did last year, he’s still one of the highest paid commissioners in all of professional sports.

Who is the Current Nba Commissioner

Adam Silver is the current NBA Commissioner, succeeding David Stern in February 2014. Silver has worked with the NBA since 1992 in various capacities, including serving as Stern’s right-hand man for many years. He is a graduate of Duke University and the University of Chicago Law School.

When was the Position of Nba Commissioner Created

The position of NBA Commissioner was created on February 1, 1946. The first Commissioner was Maurice Podoloff, who served in that role from 1946 until his retirement in 1963. NBA Commissioners are responsible for the overall management and direction of the league, and they preside over all Board of Governors meetings.

They also have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the league in regards to rule changes, disciplinary actions, and other important matters.

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The NBA Commissioner is the highest-paid commissioner in all of professional sports. In 2019, Adam Silver made $10 million dollars in salary and bonuses. That amount is nearly double what the MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, makes ($5.15 million) and more than triple what the NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, makes ($3 million).

The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is the only one who comes close to Silver’s compensation at $9.86 million.

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