How Much Does It Cost to Grade Pokemon Cards

To get your Pokemon cards graded, it will cost you about $10 per card. This may seem like a lot, but it is worth it to get your cards in mint condition. Plus, if you plan on selling your cards, having them professionally graded will increase their value.

Do you have a large collection of Pokemon cards that you’re hoping to get graded? Or maybe you’re just curious about how much it would cost to get your cards professionally evaluated? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

The cost of grading Pokemon cards can vary depending on a few different factors. The first is the size of your collection – the more cards you have, the more expensive it will be to grade them all. The second factor is the condition of your cards – if they are in mint condition, they will likely cost more to grade than if they are in poor condition.

Finally, the type of grading service you choose can also affect the price. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $10 per card for a basic grading service. However, if you want additional services like authentication or insurance, those will likely cost extra.

So, if you have 100 cards that you want graded, plan on spending around $1,000 for the service. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your cards will increase in value after they’ve been graded – but it’s definitely something worth considering if you’re serious about building (or selling) a Pokemon card collection!

Grading Cost is Dropping! Should We Grade Our Pokemon Cards?

How Much Does It Cost to Grade Pokemon Cards


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What is the Average Cost of Grading Pokemon Cards

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, you’ve probably considered collecting cards at some point. Maybe you were intrigued by the thought of owning rare and powerful cards, or perhaps you just wanted to relive your childhood by playing the card game again. Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking of starting a Pokémon card collection, you might be wondering about the average cost of grading Pokémon cards.

The simple answer is that there is no definitive answer, as the cost of grading Pokémon cards can vary depending on several factors. The most important factor is which company you choose to do the grading. Generally speaking, prices will range from $10-$100 per card, with some companies charging more or less than others.

Another important factor is what type of grade you’re looking for. A “raw” grade simply means that the card has been examined and deemed to be in its original condition – this is the cheapest option and usually only costs a few dollars per card. If you want your cards to be professionally graded and encapsulated (i.e., sealed in a hard plastic case), then you’ll need to pay more – typically around $20-$50 per card.

Finally, if you’re looking for top-of-the-line grades that show your cards are in pristine condition, expect to pay $50-$100+ per card. Of course, these are just averages – there are always exceptions depending on individual circumstances. For example, if you have an extremely rare or valuable card, it could cost more to get it graded than a less rare or valuable card.

Similarly, if your collection contains multiple copies of the same card (e..g., four Charizard cards), some companies may offer discounts for bulk grading services.

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To sum things up, there’s no easy answer when it comes to determining how much it will cost to grade your Pokémon cards. However, by considering all of the factors mentioned above – including which company you use and what type of grade you’re after – you should be able to get a pretty good estimate before making any decisions about sending off your precious collection!


At Pokemon card grading services, the cost to have your cards professionally graded can range from $5 to $25 per card. The most common and trusted service is PSA, which charges a flat rate of $10 per card. Other popular services include Beckett and Kincaid, which charge between $5 and $25 per card depending on the level of service you choose.

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