How Much Does an Nfl General Manager Make

The average salary for an NFL General Manager is $3.2 million per year. This does not include bonuses or other benefits, which can add millions more to the total compensation package. The highest-paid GM in the NFL is Houston Texans’ Rick Smith, who makes $5 million per year.

The lowest-paid GM in the NFL is Oakland Raiders’ Reggie McKenzie, who makes $1 million per year.

How Much Does an NFL General Manager Make? The average salary for an NFL general manager is $2.75 million per year, according to a report from the Sporting News. This figure is up from $1.85 million in 2012 and $2.3 million in 2013.

The highest-paid NFL GM is Ozzie Newsome of the Baltimore Ravens, who reportedly makes $5 million per year. As the chief executive of a professional football team, an NFL GM has a lot of responsibility. They are responsible for building the team through the draft and free agency, as well as making sure the team stays under the salary cap.

They also have to deal with media relations and keep fans happy. It’s a demanding job, but it comes with a lot of perks. An NFL GM gets to live in luxury suites at their home stadium and travel to away games on private jets.

They also get access to exclusive events like the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. If you’re looking to become an NFL GM, you’ll need a combination of business acumen and football knowledge. A college degree is not required, but it will help you stand out from the crowd.

You should also be prepared to work long hours during the season and put in extra time during the offseason.

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How Much Does an Nfl General Manager Make


How Much Does an Nfl General Manager Make Per Year

An NFL general manager typically earns between $2 million and $3 million per year, depending on the team’s performance. In addition, they may receive bonuses based on the team’s success in playoffs and other competitions.

How Do Nfl General Managers Get Paid

NFL general managers are paid in a variety of ways, but the most common method is through a base salary and bonuses. Bonuses can be based on a number of factors, including team performance, player development and draft picks. In some cases, general managers may also receive a percentage of team revenue.

What are the Responsibilities of an Nfl General Manager

The responsibilities of an NFL general manager are to oversee the day-to-day operations of the team. They are responsible for the hiring and firing of coaches and staff, as well as negotiating contracts with players and other teams. They also have final say over the 53-man roster and must be able to work closely with the head coach to ensure that all personnel decisions are made in the best interests of the team.


The average NFL general manager makes around $2.5 million per year, though there is a wide range in salaries. The highest-paid GM in the league makes over $10 million per year, while the lowest-paid GM makes just over $1 million. General managers are responsible for the overall management of their team’s personnel, including scouting and draft preparation, free agent signings, and contract negotiations.

They also play a key role in setting the team’s overall strategy and gameplan.

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