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How Much Does an Nfl Football Cost to Make

The cost of an NFL football has risen in recent years, due to the increasing cost of materials and labor. The current cost of an NFL football is about $100, which is a significant increase from the early 2000s, when the cost was around $50. The increased cost is due to the rising cost of leather, as well as the increased costs associated with manufacturing in China.

Despite the increased costs, NFL footballs are still affordable for most fans.

How much does an NFL football cost to make? This is a question that many people have, but the answer may surprise you. The cost to make an NFL football is actually quite low when compared to other professional sports balls.

In fact, it is estimated that each ball only costs about $9 to manufacture. So, why do they sell for so much more than that on retail shelves? Well, a big part of the cost goes into the materials and shipping.

But, the biggest factor by far is the licensing fees that the NFL charges companies for using their logo and branding. For instance, Wilson – the official manufacturer of NFL footballs – pays the league around $3 per ball in royalties. So, when you add up all of those factors, the final cost of an NFL football comes out to be about $12-$13.

That’s still not too bad considering all of the benefits that come with owning an official piece of NFL merchandise!

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How Much Does an Nfl Football Cost to Make


How Much Does an Nfl Football Cost to Make

An NFL football is made of cowhide leather and costs about $100 to make. The Wilson company is the exclusive provider of NFL game balls, and each team gets 12-13 dozen balls during the season for practices and games.

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That’S Right, Just Eleven Dollars

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So, How Can a Football That Only Costs around $11 Sell for Over $100

The answer is simple. It’s all about the branding. A football that costs around $11 to produce can easily sell for over $100 because of the power of branding.

Big brands like Nike and Adidas have built up a strong reputation and following among consumers, which allows them to charge a premium for their products. In addition, these companies heavily invest in marketing and advertising, which further drives up the price of their products.


The cost to make an NFL football has risen in recent years due to the increasing cost of raw materials. The average cost to make a football is now about $80, up from $60 just a few years ago. The vast majority of the cost increase is due to the rising price of leather, which is used to make the ball’s outer shell.

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