How Much Does an Athletic Trainer Make in the Nfl

An average athletic trainer in the NFL make between $33,000 and $58,000 a year, with the median salary coming in at $45,000 a year. However, there is a wide range of salaries for those working in this profession. Some of the top earners make over $100,000 a year while others make much less.

The lowest 10% earn an annual salary of $25,000 or less while the highest 10% earn $75,000 or more.

An athletic trainer in the NFL can make a pretty penny. In fact, the average salary for an NFL AT is around $85,000 per year. However, there is a lot of variation among teams and trainers.

Some teams may have medical staff that includes multiple trainers and other support personnel, while others may have just one or two on staff. And of course, salaries also vary based on experience and location. So if you’re interested in becoming an athletic trainer in the NFL, it’s important to do your research and find out what kind of salary you can expect to earn.

Inside the Job of an NFL Athletic Trainer

How Much Does an Athletic Trainer Make in the Nfl


How Many Hours Do Nfl Athletic Trainers Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, NFL athletic trainers typically work 40 hours per week. However, because they are often required to be on call for games and practices, their actual hours worked may vary considerably. For example, an athletic trainer who works for a team that is playing in a Monday night game may have to work several additional hours that week in order to ensure that the players are properly prepared.

In addition, during the pre-season and off-season, NFL athletic trainers may work longer hours in order to help players with their training and rehabilitation.


An athletic trainer in the NFL can make a pretty good salary. The median salary for an NFL AT is $85,000, but the top earners can make over $100,000. There are a few factors that can affect how much an AT makes, such as experience, location, and whether they work for a team or with the league office.


How much does an athletic trainer make in the NFL?

The salary of an athletic trainer in the NFL can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the trainer’s experience, qualifications, and the team’s budget. On average, the annual salary for an NFL athletic trainer ranges from around $50,000 to $150,000 or more. Some highly experienced and sought-after trainers may earn even higher salaries.

What factors can influence the salary of an NFL athletic trainer?

The salary of an NFL athletic trainer can be influenced by factors such as their level of experience, certifications, and specializations. Trainers who have worked with successful teams or high-profile athletes may command higher salaries. Additionally, the financial resources and priorities of individual NFL teams can also impact the salary range for athletic trainers.

Are there any additional benefits provided to NFL athletic trainers?

Yes, NFL athletic trainers often receive additional benefits as part of their employment package. These benefits may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and access to team facilities and resources. The specific benefits can vary from team to team.

What opportunities for career growth exist for NFL athletic trainers?

Working as an athletic trainer in the NFL can provide various opportunities for career growth. Experienced trainers may progress to higher positions within the team’s medical

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