How Much Does a Soccer Dome Cost

For those of us who live in countries with four distinct seasons, the thought of playing soccer outdoors in the middle of winter is enough to make us shiver. And yet, that’s exactly what many professional and amateur teams do around the world. But what if there was a way to play soccer year-round, no matter what the weather was like outside?

That’s where soccer domes come in. A soccer dome is an inflatable structure that can be erected over a field, providing protection from the elements for both players and spectators. They vary in size, but most are large enough to accommodate a regulation-sized soccer pitch.

Soccer domes typically have clear walls so that fans can see the action inside, and they’re usually equipped with artificial turf to provide a consistent playing surface.

If you’re looking to add a soccer dome to your property, you may be wondering how much it will cost. Here’s a look at the factors that will affect the price of your soccer dome. Size: The size of your soccer dome will have a big impact on the price.

A smaller dome will be less expensive than a larger one. Location: Where you live will also affect the price of your soccer dome. If you’re in an area with a higher cost of living, you can expect to pay more for your dome.

Features: The features you choose for your soccer dome will also affect the price. If you want heated floors or automatic doors, you’ll pay more for those features. Materials: The materials used to construct your soccer dome will also play a role in its price tag.

A steel frame will be more expensive than an aluminum one, for example.

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How much does it cost to put a dome on a stadium?

How Much Does a Soccer Dome Cost



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How Much Does a Soccer Dome Cost

A soccer dome can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and features of the dome. For example, a small, personal-use dome might cost around $200, while a large, commercial-use dome with advanced features could cost $30,000 or more. The price of a soccer dome will vary based on the manufacturer, the materials used, the size and complexity of the design, and any additional features or customization options.

What are the Benefits of Having a Soccer Dome

Assuming you are referring to an indoor soccer facility, also known as a soccer dome, there are several benefits. First, playing indoors means that weather conditions will never be a factor. This is important because it can help players avoid injuries due to slippery or muddy fields, and it also allows for a more consistent practice schedule.

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Second, soccer domes can be used year-round, which gives players the opportunity to stay in shape and improve their skills year-round. Third, soccer domes can be equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment, such as turf that simulates game conditions or machines that fire balls at high speeds for goalkeepers to train with. This type of equipment can help players take their game to the next level.

Fourth, playing in a soccer dome can give players a competitive advantage when they return to outdoor play. Because they have been practicing in ideal conditions year-round, they will likely be in better shape and have better skills than those who have only played outdoors. Overall, there are many benefits to having a soccer dome.

For serious players looking to take their game to the next level, a soccer dome can provide them with the perfect environment to do so.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Soccer Dome

You can get the most out of your soccer dome by following these simple tips: 1. Make sure the dome is properly inflated before use. This will ensure that it maintains its shape and provides a consistent playing surface.

2. Use the dome for practice sessions and drills as well as for scrimmages and games. This will help players get used to the unique playing conditions inside the dome and improve their skills. 3. Sweep or rake the floor of the soccer dome regularly to keep it free of debris and in good condition.

This will prolong the life of the turf and provide a safer playing surface.

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4. Inspect the soccer dome regularly for any holes or tears in the fabric. These need to be repaired promptly to maintain structural integrity and prevent injury.

5.. Keep food and drinks outside of the soccer dome to avoid spills and stains on the turf.


A soccer dome can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The price depends on the size and quality of the dome. A small, basic dome may only cost a few hundred dollars, while a large, top-of-the-line dome could cost several thousand.

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