How Much Do Nfl Position Coaches Make

In the National Football League, position coaches are responsible for coaching a specific position group on the team. The salary for an NFL position coach can vary depending on several factors, including the coach’s experience, the size of the market, and the success of the team. The average salary for an NFL position coach is $150,000 per year.

NFL position coaches are some of the highest-paid assistant coaches in all of sports. With an average salary of over $2 million per year, these coaches play a vital role in the success of their teams. While head coaches typically get all of the credit (and blame) for a team’s performance, it is the position coaches who often have the biggest impact on their players’ success.

As such, NFL position coaches are among the most sought-after assistant coaching jobs in football. Many young coaches aspire to one day become an NFL position coach, and those who are lucky enough to land one of these coveted jobs usually do so because they have demonstrated exceptional ability to develop talent and win games.

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How Much Do Nfl Position Coaches Make


How Much Do Nfl Position Coaches Make

It is difficult to say how much NFL position coaches make because there is a lot of variation among coaching salaries. In general, however, it is safe to say that NFL position coaches make significantly more than the average American worker. According to Business Insider, the median salary for an NFL head coach is $2 million per year.

This means that half of all NFL head coaches make more than $2 million per year, and half make less. While it is difficult to say exactly how much position coaches make, it is safe to say that they likely earn significantly less than head coaches.

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There are a few factors that contribute to the wide range in coaching salaries.

The first is experience; more experienced coaches tend to command higher salaries. The second factor is the size of the market; coaches in larger markets (like New York or Los Angeles) can typically demand higher salaries than those in smaller markets. Finally, winning also plays a role in coaching salaries; successful teams are often willing to pay their coaches more money than losing teams.

What is the Average Salary for an Nfl Position Coach

The average salary for an NFL position coach is $150,000. This can vary depending on the specific position, the experience of the coach, and the team they are coaching for. For example, a head coach will typically make more than a position coach.

Coaches with more experience or who are coaching for a more successful team may also earn a higher salary.

How Do Nfl Position Coaches’ Salaries Compare to Other Coaching Positions in Professional Football

In the National Football League, position coaches are typically paid less than coordinators and head coaches. However, NFL position coaches’ salaries still compare favorably to those of other coaching positions in professional football. In 2019, the average salary for an NFL position coach was $316,841, according to USA Today Sports’ annual coaching salary database.

That figure puts NFL position coaches ahead of their counterparts in Major League Baseball ($302,564), the National Basketball Association ($259,375) and the NHL ($209,167). However, it should be noted that MLB teams typically have more assistant coaches than NFL teams (19 vs. 9), while NBA and NHL teams have fewer assistant coaches overall (6 and 5, respectively). Therefore, when comparing average salaries across all professional sports leagues, NFL position coaches still rank near the bottom.

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For example, in 2019, the average salary for an MLB assistant coach was $550,000 (nearly double that of an NFL position coach), while NBA assistant coaches averaged $647,000 per year (more than twice that of an NFL position coach).

What Factors Affect How Much an Nfl Position Coach Can Earn

The National Football League (NFL) is the highest level of professional American football. NFL position coaches are responsible for helping players improve their skills and techniques needed to succeed at their positions. The better a coach can do this, the more valuable they are to their team.

As a result, NFL position coaches’ salaries can vary widely based on several factors. One of the most important factors that affect an NFL position coach’s salary is the role they play on the coaching staff. Head coaches typically earn the most money, followed by assistant coaches.

Position coaches usually fall somewhere in between these two extremes. The specific position a coach oversees also plays a role in how much they can earn. For example, offensive and defensive coordinators typically earn more than otherposition coaches because they have more responsibility for game-planning and play-calling.

Another factor that affects an NFL position coach’s salary is the team they work for. Coaches who work for successful teams that regularly compete for championships tend to earn more money than those who work for less successful teams. This is because winning teams are often willing to pay their coaches more to keep them around, while losing teams may be forced to lowball their coaching staffs in order to save money.

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Finally, experience is another factor that can affect an NFL position coach’s salary. Newer coaches will typically earn less than those with several years of experience under their belts.


According to recent reports, NFL position coaches make an average of $250,000 per year. However, there is a wide range of salaries among different positions and teams. For example, the head coach of the New England Patriots makes $7 million per year, while some assistant coaches make less than $100,000.

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