How Much Do Japanese Baseball Players Make

Japanese baseball players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world. The average salary for a Japanese baseball player is about $3 million per year. However, there are some Japanese baseball players who make much more than that.

The top Japanese baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki, makes an estimated $27 million per year. That is nearly 10 times the average salary for a Japanese baseball player!

In Japan, baseball is a very popular sport and the players who compete in the Japanese Baseball League (JBL) are some of the best in the world. So, how much do these professional athletes make? According to recent reports, the average salary for a Japanese baseball player is about $1.3 million per year.

However, there are some superstar players who make significantly more than that. For example, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka signed a contract with the New York Yankees in 2014 worth $155 million over 7 years. That comes out to an annual salary of $22 million!

So, while the average salary for a JBL player may not be as high as what some American MLB stars make, there are still plenty of Japanese players who are earning multi-million dollar salaries.

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How Much Do Japanese Baseball Players Make


How Much Do Japanese Baseball Players Make

In Japan, baseball players make an average of $2.7 million per year. The top player in the league, Shohei Ohtani, makes $22 million per year. The minimum salary for a player in the Japanese league is $50,000 per year.

What is the Average Salary for a Japanese Baseball Player

The average salary for a Japanese baseball player is $1.3 million. This is based on the salaries of players in Japan’s top professional league, Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). The NPB is divided into two leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League.

Each team in the NPB has a 25-man active roster and a 4-man inactive list. Players on the active roster earn an annual salary, while those on the inactive list do not.

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In order to determine the average salary for Japanese baseball players, we first need to look at the salaries of players in each league.

In the Central League, the average salary is $1.22 million. In the Pacific League, it is slightly higher at $1.38 million. These figures are based on data from 2017 and 2018 seasons.

When we compare these numbers to Major League Baseball (MLB), we see that MLB players earn significantly more money than their counterparts in Japan. The average MLB player earned $4.52 million in 2018, nearly four times what NPB players make on average. There are several factors that contribute to this large disparity in earnings between MLB and NPB players.

One is that MLB teams generate much more revenue than NPB teams; according to Forbes, MLB teams generated an average of $367 million in revenue per team in 2017, while NPB teams generated an average of just $42 million per team over the same period . This difference in revenue results in higher payrolls for MLB teams; according to Spotrac, the median payroll for MLB teams was $127 millionin 2018 , while it was just $49 million for NPB teams . In addition, MLB teams have larger rosters (40-man instead of 25-man) and can afford to pay their players more because they have more money coming in overall .

Finally, it should be noted that foreign players are not subject to Japan’s corporate tax system , which means they can keep more of their earnings compared to Japanese citizens who play professionally domestically .
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So while Japanese baseball players do not earn as much as their counterparts in America’s Major League Baseball , they still make a very good living playing professional baseball in their home country . Thanks to high attendance rates and television ratings , as well as generous sponsorship deals , Japanese baseball fans support their favorite sport and its athletes very well financially speaking .

How Do Japanese Baseball Salaries Compare to Major League Baseball Salaries

In Japan, the average baseball salary is about $1.3 million per year. In Major League Baseball, the average salary is about $4 million per year. So, Major League Baseball salaries are more than three times higher than Japanese baseball salaries on average.


In Japan, professional baseball players make an average salary of $500,000. The top players can make up to $5 million or more. There are a few factors that contribute to these high salaries, such as the popularity of baseball in Japan and the large television contracts that teams have.

Players also get a lot of perks, such as free travel and tickets to games.

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