How Much Cp Does a Pokemon Gain from Evolving

As anyone who has played Pokemon knows, evolving your Pokemon is essential to success. But how much CP does a Pokemon gain from evolving? The answer may surprise you!

While it varies from Pokemon to Pokemon, the average increase in CP is about 20%. So if your Charmander has 100 CP, it will have 120 CP after evolving into Charmeleon.

As most Pokemon trainers know, evolution is key to success in battle. Not only do evolved Pokemon tend to be stronger and have more hit points than their un-evolved counterparts, but they also usually learn new and improved moves. So, the question becomes – how much CP does a Pokemon gain from evolving?

The answer, unfortunately, is not as straightforward as one might hope. While it is true that evolved Pokemon will almost always have higher CP than their pre-evolved forms, the actual amount of CP gained varies greatly from species to species. For somePokemon, the difference can be as little as 10 or 20 CP, while for others it can be 100 or more!

So, if you’re wondering how much CP your Pokemon will gain upon evolving, the best thing to do is check out a specific Pokémon’s Pokedex entry to get an idea. Generally speaking, however, you can expect most Pokémon to see at least a moderate increase inCP once they evolve.

Pokemon GO: How much CP does your Pokemon get when it evolves?

How Much Cp Does a Pokemon Gain from Evolving


-How Much Cp Does a Pokemon Gain from Evolving

When a Pokemon evolves, it gains an extra 50% CP. For example, if a Charmander has 100 CP and evolves into Charmeleon, it will have 150 CP. If a Charmeleon then evolves into Charizard, it will have 225 CP.


As you probably know, when a Pokemon evolves, it gains a significant amount of CP. The actual amount of CP gained varies from Pokemon to Pokemon, but it is generally quite a lot. So, how much CP does a Pokemon gain from evolving?

Well, the answer varies depending on the specific Pokemon. However, in general, most Pokemon will gain around 50-100% more CP when they evolve. So, if you have aPokemon with 1000 CP, it will likely have 1500-2000 CP after evolving.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. Some particularly rare and powerful Pokemon may only gain a small amount of CP from evolving, or even lose some CP. However, for the vast majority ofPokemon out there, evolving will result in a nice boost to their overall power level.


1. How much CP does a Pokémon typically gain from evolving?

The amount of CP (Combat Points) a Pokémon gains from evolving can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the Pokémon’s species, its level, and its Individual Values (IVs). Generally, when a Pokémon evolves, it experiences an increase in CP, but the exact amount can differ. It is important to note that each Pokémon has its own CP growth rate, so it is difficult to provide a specific value for how much CP a Pokémon will gain from evolving.

2. Are there any exceptions where a Pokémon may not gain CP when evolving?

Yes, there are exceptions where a Pokémon may not gain CP or may even lose CP when evolving. This typically occurs when a Pokémon’s base form has a higher CP than its evolved form. In such cases, the CP of the evolved Pokémon may be lower after evolution. It is always recommended to check the CP potential of a Pokémon and its evolution before deciding to evolve it.

3. Does a Pokémon’s IVs affect the CP gain during evolution?

Yes, a Pokémon’s Individual Values (IVs) can impact the CP gain during evolution. IVs represent a Pokémon’s hidden stats, including Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Higher IVs can result in a higher CP gain during evolution, as

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