How Much are Nba 10 Day Contracts

NBA 10-day contracts are worth a guaranteed salary of $50,898, which is pro-rated over the course of the season. The minimum salary for an NBA player is $582,180, so 10-day contracts represent a significant pay cut for most players. However, 10-day contracts can be a way for players to get their foot in the door with an NBA team and potentially earn a more lucrative long-term contract down the road.

As the NBA season winds down, many players are signing 10-day contracts with teams. But how much do these contracts actually pay? According to Spotrac, the average NBA 10-day contract pays $93,837.

However, this number can vary depending on a player’s experience and role on the team. For example, a minimum salary player will make significantly less than a veteran who is brought in to provide leadership and scoring off the bench. So why do players sign 10-day contracts?

For many it’s simply a way to stay in the league and keep their dream alive of one day making an NBA roster for the entire season. Others may see it as an opportunity to prove themselves and earn a more lucrative deal down the road. Whatever the reason, 10-day contracts are becoming increasingly popular in today’s NBA landscape.

And while they don’t pay as much as some other deals out there, they can still provide a nice payday for those lucky enough to land one.

NBA 10 Day Contracts and 2 Way Contracts for true dummies
How Much are Nba 10 Day Contracts


What is an Nba 10-Day Contract

When an NBA team wants to sign a player to a short-term contract, they can do so by signing that player to a 10-day contract. A 10-day contract allows a team to evaluate a player for ten days before having to decide whether or not to sign him for the rest of the season. If a team decides not to sign a player after his 10-day contract expires, he becomes a free agent and is free to sign with any other team.

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The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement stipulates that teams can only have up to two players on 10-day contracts at any given time. This means that if a team wants tosign another player toa10-daycontract,they first must waive or release one of their existing players on such acontract. If you’re an NBA fan, you’ve probably seen plenty of players signedto10-daycontracts over the years.

Some notable recent examples include guard Tyler Ulis, who was signed by the Chicago Bulls in early 2019; forward Michael Beasley, who was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers in early 2018; and guard Jodie Meeks, who wassignedbythe Milwaukee Bucks in early 2017. So what does signing awingmanor big man tomuch ado about nothing? Not really sure how this benefits either party unless its vet minimum which I’m guessing it is — Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) January 8, 2019

In summary, then: an NBA 10-day contract is simply a short-term deal that allows an NBA team to evaluationaplayerfor ten daysbeforehavingtodecidewhetherornottosignhimfortherestoftheseason. Ifatleasttwoplayersarealreadyundercontracteachteamcanonlyhaveontemporarilyonatentativebasisforafixedperiodoftimebeingtenconsecutivecalendardays.

How Much Do Nba 10-Day Contracts Pay

An NBA 10-day contract pays a prorated portion of the league minimum salary for the number of days remaining in the season. For example, if there are 40 days left in an NBA season and a player signs a 10-day contract, he would earn 1/4th of the league minimum salary for those 10 days. The NBA minimum salary is $898,310 for the 2019-20 season.

Therefore, a player on a 10-day contract would earn $224,578 for those 10 days.

Who is Eligible for an Nba 10-Day Contract

An NBA 10-day contract is a short-term deal that allows players to sign with an NBA team for 10 days. This type of contract is typically used to bring in players for a tryout period or to fill in for injured players on the roster. Players on 10-day contracts are paid a prorated portion of the league minimum salary, which is based on the number of days they are under contract.

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To be eligible for a 10-day contract, a player must have been waived by an NBA team and not signed by another team within that season. In addition, the player must have three years of NBA experience or less. Once a player signs a 10-day contract, he is not eligible to sign another one with the same team until after the expiration of the first deal.

How Long Can a Player Stay on an Nba 10-Day Contract

When a player signs a 10-day contract with an NBA team, they are committed to that team for the next 10 days of the NBA season. After those 10 days are up, the player is then free to sign with any other team. If a player is not signed by another team after their 10-day contract expires, they become a free agent and are free to sign with any team.


In the NBA, 10-day contracts are typically used to fill roster spots for injured players or to add depth during busy parts of the season. These contracts are worth a prorated portion of the league minimum salary (which is $898,310 for the 2019/20 season), and can be signed for a maximum of two 10-day periods. Players on 10-day deals are not eligible for the playoffs.

While most NBA players are signed to standard contracts that guarantee their salary for the entire season, there are some who sign short-term deals known as 10-day contracts. These deals are usually given to players who were recently waived by another team or those trying to make it into the league.

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The pay for a 10-day contract is not as high as a normal NBA contract, but it does give players a chance to prove themselves and earn a more long-term deal.

In order to sign a 10-day contract, players must first clear waivers, which means that no other team in the league claims them. Once they clear waivers, they are free to sign with any team willing to offer them a deal. The length of a 10-day contract is just what it sounds like – ten days.

At the end of those ten days, teams have the option of signing that player for another ten days or releasing them. If a team decides to release a player before their contract is up, they only owe them pro-rated amounts of their daily salary, meaning they don’t have to pay out the full amount specified in the contract. Players can only sign two10 – day contracts with any one team before they must either be released or signed for the rest of the season .

After signing two10 – day contracts , ifa playeris still withthe same team ,they become ineligiblefortheplayoffs . So while10 – daycontractsgiveplayers anopportunityto make somemoneyandprovethemselves infrontof an NBAaudience ,it doesnotguaranteethatthey will finishtheseasonwiththatteamortheligibilityfortheplayoffs .

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