Who was the First Nba Player to Dunk

In the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), there have been numerous players who have managed to achieve the feat of dunking the ball through the hoop. However, the player who is widely considered to be the first NBA player to successfully dunk a basketball was none other than George Mikan. Standing at six … Read more

What Nba Player Has Made the Most Free Throws

In the National Basketball Association, free throws are worth one point each. A player is awarded free throws after being fouled while shooting the ball, or when a technical foul is committed against him or her. Free throws are also given to a team after certain types of fouls committed by the opposing team. The … Read more

What Nba Player Dated Jeffree Star

There is no denying that Jeffree Star is one of the most popular people in the world. His YouTube channel has over 18 million subscribers and he has a massive social media following. He is also a very successful businessman, with his own line of makeup and clothing. So it’s no surprise that he has … Read more